Common Concerns

A Cooler Audio Technology, or ACAT, provides internet based full service music and messaging on-hold to your business phone system. We create a virtual waiting room for your customers who are placed on hold, to experience a pleasant, stress free, educational environment. The enhanced customer experience reduces company costs through increased marketing efficiency and increases revenue by decreasing customer call drop rates and potentially cross-selling products. With these obvious benefits, why would a business decline to adopt ACAT’s on-hold messaging service? These are some of the top reasons we hear why customers refuse to adopt:


Concern: Your service costs too much. There are some competitors out there who offer the service for less. There is a set-up fee.

Answer: We have a unique product offering. Many of our on-hold messaging competitors have service limitations or other hidden fees associated with their offerings. They employ limited customized message changes, they construct a shorter message, or have a smaller selection of music and voice talent. ACAT is a full service provider. From start, implementation, and onwards we provide a full service product which includes planning, production, upkeep, and consultation. We tailor each message to suit specific business needs and, with our many years of experience, provide guidance to what we think makes most sense for you to improve performance and reach your business goals.

Our set-up fee includes our patented telecommunications technology, message script production, professional voice recording, licensed music selection, and most importantly, our continuous upkeep and consultation for future changes and additions.

Preexisting Service Provider

Concern: We already have an on-hold message service provider.

Answer: On-Hold messaging is not a new technology and multiple companies do exist, but few, if any others, offer such a complete product that mimics our unique artistic, scientific, and psychological approach to on-hold messaging. If you are already paying for a service, would you not want the best quality service available to maximize the efficiency of every advertising dollar? Give us a call and let us show you how we can improve and make a difference in your business.

No On-Hold Calls

Concern: We do not put customers on hold. We have a “no-hold policy”.

Answer: You would not believe how many customers tell us that they do not put customers on hold. Businesses vastly underestimate customer on hold times.  After analyzing our customer’s phone system log reports we, not surprisingly, found that these businesses, even those with a no hold policy, place their customers on hold at or around the national average of 2 minutes. These companies usually have a very rudimentary and ineffective on-hold message, if they have one at all.

Low In-bound Call Volume

Concern: Other than location and store hour informational requests, we do not receive many calls

Answer: Our interactive voice response, or IVR, enables a virtual automated attendant to guide the customer to the information he seeks which may prevent the customer from being put on-hold in the first place. We can also adapt our technology to play music and product offerings to liven up an otherwise silent sales floor, improving your customer’s shopping experience.

Multiple Locations

Concern: We have multiple locations and are worried about uniformity throughout the business.

Answer: ACAT can service any sized organization from single locations to national firms. We enable the company to fully integrate any messaging and marketing initiatives. ACAT can implement hierarchical access to assure security and control over program content or customize programming from the national firm, regional sectors, by department, or location by location.

Service Interruption

Problem:  Implementing or transferring to this service will take too long to set up or interrupt current business. Updating our messages will disturb our phone lines.

Answer: ACAT will supply our telecommunications device which comes stock with our specially crafted generic on-hold message so the business can immediately use the service. We ask for a 21 day start to finish planning and production cycle for the final customized on-hold message to be implemented, but will usually have a finished product before that time estimate.  Implementation times are subject to number of locations and amount of customization.

ACAT technology is connected to the internet and is checked against our server every 10 minutes to make sure that the service is working correctly and to perform any scheduled updates.

Complex Setup and Use

Concern: The technology seems too complicated to set up and use.

Answer: ACAT has made the system easy to use and walk you through the production process every step of the way. Our technology takes approximately 15 seconds to connect. With your patented ACAT package you will receive a black box the size of a small novel. This box has 3 cords that need to be connected on site before the service can be implemented. There is a power cord which provides power to the unit, an Ethernet cord which connects the location to our ACAT servers for remote access, updates, and continuous monitoring, and a sound cable which implements the technology into the phone or intercom system.

ACAT provides a username and password to our customers which enables the user control over monitoring, analysis, and program content. Our user interface was crafted with ease of use in top priority. Customers can choose when to program messages, change music or audio, and see what is currently being played.


Concern: We do not want to be locked into any agreement for a long period of time

Answer: Many of the other companies will require semi-annual or multi-year contracts from their customers and enact steep penalties for breaking the agreement. ACAT operates on a month by month basis with its customers. If the contract is not canceled 30 days before contact end, it is automatically renewed. If a customer is unhappy with the service and wishes to cancel the contract, the service is remains to the end of the contract period and the customer is required to return the ACAT telecommunications equipment back to the firm.


Most people spend so many valuable resources on traditional forms of marketing to bring new customers in and fail to pay attention to the major source of inbound customer inquiry, the telephone. If a customer physically comes into the store they will encounter a storefront, a waiting room, or sales floor. Why spend so much money on these items and neglect the virtual waiting room that is the on-hold message which happens to cost much less than these other accessories?